Larry Alan Worley  
  May 12, 1935 - February 9, 1987  


Larry Alan Worley was born on May 12, 1935 in Monte Vista, Colorado.


[from Mildred Worley's journal] "My Dad and Mom came to visit one day. Larry was about three years old. He had one of his Daddy’s old pipes in his mouth, upside down. He was squatting by a piece of machinery, inspecting it. When he came in the house, he was all agog to tell Grandma and Grandpa something. A sheep had died and Jim [Cunningham] had skinned it. Larry’s version, ‘The sheep died and died and died, and we peeled it and hung the peeling on the fence.’ He called them ‘Dammer’ and ‘Dampoo’. They loved it."


Larry lived his life in the San Luis Valley. He graduated from Sargent High School in 1951, and attended Colorado A&M a short while. He returned to the Valley and ranched with his father for a while. He married Phoebe Darrington, November 26, 1959, and they had two sons. Larry owned and operated Monte’s Frame Shop in Monte Vista for several years. He married Betty Johnson Lira December 13, 1975. Larry enjoyed hunting, fishing traveling and woodworking.


Larry Alan Worley died February 9, 1987 of heart complications.


Children of Larry and Phoebe Worley:


    Skylar Ray Worley was born January 19, 1962.


    Michal Aaron Worley was born March 2, 1963.



Charlie and Larry

Larry with puppy

Charlie, Madelen, Mildred and Larry

Larry - 1946-47

Larry - 1947-48


Larry in high school

Larry and Phoebe Wedding - 1959

Larry with bear and bobcat- 1961

Larry - Ellis Ranch - 1953

Sky, Betty, Larry, Mike
Larry and Betty's Wedding - 1975



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